VIDEO PRODUCTION | commercials, promo videos, short films
MOTION GRAPHICS | logo animation, educational videos, intros
VISUAL EFFECTS | 3D compositing, set extention, CGI


Everybody loves a good story. We believe any topic can be the basis of a great story. We like our stories beautifully designed, simple to understand, and something most people can relate to. We create videos people like to watch, over and over.

Our root competences are two-fold: steeped in social psychology, communication consultancy, and education, we understand our audiences and know how to talk to them.

Secondly, we have the power to give form to the story we want to tell. Based on a life-long passion to develop the necessary graphical skills. From traditional 2D pencil artwork to full-blown digital moving pictures with visual effects, color grading, and sound design, to ensure an immersive experience.

We believe informing people about a product, a service, an educational topic, or simply about an inspirational message, can go hand in hand with entertaining them. We like telling great stories. And we create awesome videos to do so.

Roel Schuit (founder)
Tremendous Light productions


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