VIDEO PRODUCTION | commercials, promo videos, short films
MOTION GRAPHICS | logo animation, educational videos, intros
VISUAL EFFECTS | 3D compositing, set extention, CGI

We use industry-standard tools to produce our results, including: Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Character Animator, Davinci Resolve, Modo 3D, etc. Our work can be delivered in any format you require.


We mostly work on a fixed budget basis. But sometimes the situation requires us to step in and help out a client with a project for just a couple of small things. In those cases we will usually propose an hourly rate, instead of a project budget. As it allows both parties to precisely keep track of the costs on a very short notice. Our base rates start at 75€ per hour.

For more extensive projects we will give a comprehensive estimate of the costs and present them in a fixed budget proposal.

Every project is different, which is one of the things we like so much about our activities. At the same time, that is precisely the reason why we cannot put a clear, general, price tag up on our website.

So let's just look at a project we did, and break it down as a showcase study to give you an idea: check it out here (opens in new window).

Meanwhile, here are some of the clients we've worked with:


JohnsonJohnson CodiumAI
Superfoodies Bureau de Mat
frooxl Solin Bonaire Vision
Reef Renewal Habitat Save our Sharks Tourism Corporation Bonaire
STINAPA La Volga La Chassagne




“Roel is very effecient, delivers quality work [opens in new window], and is pleasant to work with. I highly recommend him!”

∼ Anaïs Varago (Brand Activator Smoking Cessation), Johnson & Johnson



“Tremendous Light went above and beyond to create an awesome tv commercial [opens in new window] for our Carport products & services.

We asked for something that would stand out, something different from other commercials, and that's exactly what we got.

We appreciated his pro-activeness in making creative suggestions and in giving advice to make the project a success. Professional, easy to communicate with, quick turn-around times, very creative, sharp prices — all in all
we were more than satisfied!”

Mariusz Mazur

∼ Mariusz Mazur (CEO), Carports Hawaii




You know, I had to push my budget in order to work with you, and I went with my intuition, that you'd do a great job, which you did [opens in new window]!

You made me very happy.”

∼ Dani Avitz (CMO), CodiumAI




“I really enjoyed working with Roel. He knows what he's doing, he is punctual, great at realizing a vision and adding his own creative take on it [opens in new window], with fast turnaround times, and excellent communication.

Creative, professional & pleasant, I will definitely work with Roel again!”

∼ Patricia van Noord (Content & Project Manager), Superfoodies



Everybody loves a good story. We believe any topic can be the basis of a great story. We like our stories beautifully designed, simple to understand, and something most people can relate to. We create videos people like to watch, over and over.

Our root competences are two-fold: steeped in social psychology, communication consultancy, and education, we understand our audiences and know how to talk to them.

Secondly, we have the power to give form to the story we want to tell. Based on a life-long passion to develop the necessary graphical skills. From traditional 2D pencil artwork to full-blown digital moving pictures with visual effects, color grading, and sound design, to ensure an immersive experience.

We believe informing people about a product, a service, an educational topic, or simply about an inspirational message, can go hand in hand with entertaining them. We like telling great stories. And we create awesome videos to do so.

Roel Schuit (founder)
Tremendous Light productions


If you have any questions, don't hesitate, e-mail us:
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